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At Kagura Trading we offer Japanese handcraft and products of the highest quality!

I am Per Flood and I have for over 30 years been interested in Japanese culture, art, architecture and handcraft. It all started with Kendo – the Way of the Sword – which I enjoy practicing on regular basis.

We have long lived in and perhaps even become accustomed to a “disposable” culture or mentality and as a response, more and more people today select environmentally friendly products in harmony and with a respect for our natural resources.

Although Japan is very much similar to our own society, there is a deep-rooted and broad movement that takes advantage of our limited natural resources. We have always been concerned over the manufacture and sale of products and their effects on the environment.
We share everyone’s interest to preserve and protect our environment and have therefore tried to find products that can easily be reused and / or have low environmental impact.

And as a result we have carefully selected products from Japan that has been used for a long time, in some cases hundreds of years! Products that can be “recycled” or used over and over again. Our goal is that everyone has a possibility of using and enjoying those products.

It is my wish that more people in the Nordic countries become more familiar and knowledgeable about this wonderful culture. A culture, I believe and understand, which takes pride in using the natural resources available to preserve the limited resources in our world.

Today I show a small but exciting selection of some beautiful Japanese products. Please visit my website regularly for updates and news about events and new products. My goal is to inform you of cultural events taking place in Japan throughout the year. I will list Martial Arts events such as tournaments, seminars and examinations, mainly for kendo, iaido, kyudo and aikido. If you have a special interest or request which I have not mentioned, feel free to send me an email to per.flood (at) kagura-se.com telling me what you are interested in and I will do my best to assist you.

Tenugui – A Japanese work of art!

Lit. Hand towel in Japanese – has been used in Japan for a long time. During the Heian period (794-1192 AD) it was used as accessories in rituals at Shinto shrines.

The tenugui started to grow in popularity from the Kamakura period (1192-1333 AD) and during the Edo period (1592-1868 AD), as cotton cultivation started in several parts of Japan , tenugui became an everyday necessary item. At this time the tenugui was regarded as a versatile daily product, but slowly it began to be regarded as an artistic item and contest were held to select winning designs. These contests were called “Tenugui Awase” and contributed to the development of new dyeing techniques.

Today tenugui is used for a large variety of purposes!

  • • Wiping
  • • Kitchen
  • • Tablemats
  • • Wrapping
  • • Greetings and gifts
  • • Decoration, each tenugui is simply a piece of art!

If you would like to have a custom made tenugui for your company, dojo or other association please send your requirements directly to
per.flood (at) kagura-se.com and I will send you a design suggestion and the cost to produce. Minimum order for custom made tenugui is 100 pcs.

Get your tenugui today!

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